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Swedish Massage
A classic massage that alleviates stiffness, fatigue, helps restore mental clarity, relieve stress, and improve circulation. This therapeutic massage will definitely offer you the best relaxation of all.
30 min - $45 / 60 min - $80 / 90 min - $110

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
Stretch tight muscles and relieve tension with deep, focused massage strokes. Your therapist will be focusing on any deep muscle tension, as well as providing relief for those overworked muscles.
30 min - $45 / 60 min - $80 / 90 min - $110

Hot Stone Massage
Natural stone therapy used with blends of essential oil will unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieve stress and help achieve total relaxation. Try this to energize and rejuvenate yourself.
60 min - $85 / 90 min - $120

Mom-2-Be Massage
The experience of pregnancy and new motherhood is like no other. The change in a woman’s skin during this time of life deserves special treatment. This gentle, nurturing treatment will relieve lower back pain, aching legs, and water retention.
Recommended for second and third trimester.
30 min - $45 / 60 min - $80 / 90 min - $110

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