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Spa Facials

Organic Microdermabrasion facial   


Gently abrades the epidermis to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells without the use of chemicals,lasers,or acids.It's effective to reduce fine lines,age spots,acne scars and sun damages. It also promotes healthier skin and circulation on face as it stimulates the collagen production and cell turnover rate.

** series of six treatments are recommended as a minimum for optimal results and best performed every 7 to 10 days.

Express Facial 30min-$45

It provides the effect of energizing the skin without any pain of extraction through cleansing,steaming, massage and an energizing mask.

European Facial 60min-$75

Deeply purifies the skin by utilizing highly concentrated botanical formulas as it goes though essential pore cleansing,steaming, gentle exfoliation,extractions and a purifying masque to restore suppleness and self-radiance.

Ultimate Sea C Spa 70min-$120

Entirely derived from marine and botanical active ingredients along with pure Vitamin C concentrate, moisturizing seaweed patches and an organic mud mask. It provides increased promotion of collagen synthesis and protection against free radicals to effectively reduce any associations of redness,fine lines and wrinkles with an increased firming effect.

Intensive Collagen 90-II Treatment 80min-$150

A highly advanced treatment that has been formulated to hydrate and restructure altered tissues to provide an unequaled reduction of the appearance of lines and wrinkles bu combining pure sheets of polymerized, unaltered native collagen with biotechnological wrinkle diminishing ingredients.    

Excellent anti-aging treatment with optimal results!!


We use Guinot and GM collin products for our facial treatments. Guinot is seen and advertised in Vogue, Allure and W magazines.

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